Japanese style bistro offering small plates and shareable dishes


SUDA Izakaya

Jackson . Wyoming

SUDA Izakaya embodies our love for Japanese cuisine, specifically the Izakaya atmosphere, an interactive, lively Japanese style bistro offering small plates and shareable dishes. Much like our sister restaurant, Sudachi, the simplicity and delicacy of food is showcased not just in the final dish but in the culinary journey of the ingredients. SUDA’s menu embraces consciously-sourced ingredients from local or regional farms. Highlights include katsu (breaded, fried items), kushi-yaki (skewered meats and veggies), teriyaki, ramen (noodle bowls), and sushi & sashimi (raw fish). The core of our drink list features saké and shochu, rounded out by our favorite spirits, wines, beers, and Japanese inspired cocktails. We hope you will share in our excitement for this style of cuisine.

How to


Izakaya literally translates to “dine in sake shop”

Traditionally, the meal begins with a beer and an order of edamame while you peruse the menu. The next step is usually sushi or lighter fare like salads or vegetables, accompanied by a cocktail or two.

Once you have tried a few dishes from the lighter side of the menu it’s time to start thinking about the grilled and fried items to accompany that bottle of Sake (or wine) that you’ve had your eye on.

It is important to note that dishes will come out of the kitchen as soon as they are ready. Plates are small and intended to be shared. The menu is large. On purpose. There is something for everyone!





Tuesday – Saturday, 5p-close


Tuesday – Saturday, 5p-6p
bar seating only


With the current restrictions and health concerns, it is important that we provide an option for guests who seek a space to call their own while enjoying an elevated dining experience.


Our event space is unique in Jackson Hole, particularly for a venue conveniently located steps from the town square.


140 North Cache Street
Jackson, Wyoming

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